Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pro Tips: COFFEE!

Weather its an Alpine start or not, no morning is complete without coffee. There are several options depending on your tastes, space requirements, and hard core factor. I've listed them in order from plush to bare-bones

1. Go really gourmet with fresh ground coffee and the GSI Outdoors Java Press

2. You can make drip coffee using a collapsable drip coffee maker

3. I like to mix up a concoction of instant espresso, powdered milk, and hot cocoa (2:1:1 ratio) in a zip lock baggie before the trip and add a few tablespoons to hot water in the field for camping mochas

4.Starbucks Via instant coffee isn't a bad option (especially with a coupon)

5. cowboy coffee: you can brew coffee by adding grounds to hot water right in your mug or nalgene. makes for some thick drinking so beware!

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